Courses in AUDIO VISUAL for WOMEN and GIRLS (+16)

Girls (form 16 year up) and Women
Do you enjoy taking photos?
Making short films?
Telling stories?

Are you interested in improving you skills on social media?

Every woman, girl, teenager who is interested in the training, please fill the application and send it to the e-mail addresses mentioned at the end of the form. Deadline of submission is Saturday, 23 June 2018.

APPLY HERE – Open Society Call Web



“Whirlwind” (a dance theatre production for audiences 12 to adult)
1 Dec – 20 Dec, @ 14:00
Performances in the hall of TDP Theatre

“Live Your Day” (a play made by kids for their peers in school, great fun)
1 Dec – 12 Dec, @ 12:00
Performances in the theatre at Beit Hanoun School

Free Expression Workshop Presentations
Dec 11 – Dec 14, @ 12:00
Drama scenes and video animation cartoons conclude this round of 3-week workshops.
They are in different schools throughout the Gaza Strip so you need to call us.

Artistic Stations 3 – This is the 3rd joint event of Gaza partners of the Palestinian Performing Arts Network (PPAN)
Dec 7 & Dec 10, @ 9:00 A.M. – 20:00
Workshops, performances, discussions, school events, and stage events bring the performing artists in Gaza today for two days of theatre, music, circus, and dance.




TDP’s Annual Drama and Animation Festival
Oct. 31 & Nov 2-3  @ 14:00 (all day)
Second and third day of TDP’s annual festival: creative drama scenes and cartoon films made by children from Northern Gaza and followed by debate

“Whirlwind” (Theatre/Dance play for ages 18 +)
20 Nov – 30 Nov, @ 14:00

“Better Than” (Youth Play for ages 12 +)
1 Nov – 23 Nov, @ 11:00 & @ 12:30 @ various halls around Gaza (call for information)

“Moving Deeply” (Youth Play for ages 12 +)
9 Nov – 19 Nov, @ 10:00

Personal Kingdom” (provisional title) (New Kids for Kids play ages 8 +)

19 Nov – 30 Nov, @10:00 in North Gaza schools (call for information)

“End of the Day” (provisional title) (New Kids for Kids play ages 8 +)

19 Nov – 30 Nov, @12:00 in North Gaza schools (call for information)


Three trainings will be in November:

– Nov 11 – Drama led by Muriel Besemer, head of education the National Dutch Theatre.

– Nov 6 – Storytelling training for women, led by Mohammed Al Hessi

– Nov 13 – Nov 16 – Outcome & Impact Orientation (OIO) led by Bread for the World consultant to TDP’s monitoring and reporting staff.


Leo van Emden is back for a two week workshop in capturing the heart and spirit of TDP’s work in images.

Better Than – Opening  (new original production) – October 5 and continues for 10 performances and workshops.

Whirlwind – Opening (new theatre dance production) – October 17 and continues for 30 performances and post performance workshops

 Line After Line – Opening – (Kids for Kids production) – Oct 22  and continues for 5 performances and debates 

Annual Drama and Animation Festival – October 1 – Nov 2-3 

Introducing Tajwal Theatre Group with their presentations as part of PPAN’s initiative for supporting new groups in the performing arts sector. Oct 14 is the premiere activity of this new group. 

FOR the TIMES and PLACES all ACTIVITIES – call 08-283-6766 !!!

September 25

Agusut – 2nd Half
Muriel Besemer is now in Gaza working on the education processes with all trainees. Most other activities have stopped so that she can have everyone in preparation for the work that starts along with the beginning of the new school year. The education “package” that is part of TDP’s “Theatre Day” will help school students to develop their own ideas about the play, the environment in which the play is made, and all opinions, comments, and questions about the play. 

August – 1st Half
Performances of “IDENTITY” – a play in dance & movement.
Rehearsals for the new play provisionally called “Electrified”.
Curriculum Training for a new group of 20 trainees.

Writing Workshop continues
Rehearsals begin for the new youth play.
New trainees are selected for a new curriculum year.

Closed for Ramadan

Opening of our first dance play “Identity” – May 17, 2017
Created by Royston Maldoon for Gaza – Read


DANCE TRAINING – March – April
This is the 2nd time Anne Beth Schuurmans (Netherlands) visits our trainers and trainees, working with them for 3 weeks in preparation for a new piece to me made for youth. Great for body and mind.



“Line by Line” – a new play with kids performing for their peers in schools  Opening on April 10, 2017
Apr 10 – Opening of the play and start a tour of 12 performances in Gaza, the Middle and North of Gaza Strip.

“Lucky Luck” – another new play made by kids for their class mates.
Apr 13 – Opening of the play and start a tour of 12 performances in KhanYunis and Rafah.

Presentations of creative drama scenes and cartoon films from our regular workshops with youth.

Apr 28 – Apr 30 – Presentations in schools throughout the Gaza Strip for the youth play “In the Rectangle of Doubt” – call for information.


Al Mayadeen TV channel covered the performances of “In the Rectangle of Doubt”. The tour of the play in running in the streets, NGOs and schools throughout Gaza Strip.