October 25, 2017

In partnership with UNESCO, Theatre Day Productions threw a public event  (on September 25, 2017) for and with youth in Gaza. It was our participation in the UN International Youth Day campaign run NET-MED Youth. Theatre Day Productions’ movement presentation “IDENTITY” was the heart of the event. The performance was followed by the open debate session. The audience of young men and women exchanged their opinions about the performance and the main theme of the campaign “Youth Making Peace”. NET-MED youth groups brought the event on the social media platforms. For more, see this video

2017 – Male dancers of “Identity” in Gaza

International Guest Teachers in Gaza – April – May 2017
Now in Gaza – Choreographers Royston Maldoon (U.K.) and Megs Byrne (IE) are  preparing for TDP’s newest piece, a movement play called “Identity.” With 20 actors/dancers, Royston and Megs have been working from April, teaching, rehearsing, and soon to open in the theatre in Gaza.

2015 – Ten Ways to Us – A cooperation with 34 Dutch Theatre Organisations
Ten plays were made following the war of 2014 in TDP directors were mentored by Dutch directors on a project aiming to introduce Gaza in a totally new light. Read about it.

International Theatre Day Award – March 27, 2017
On the occasion of International Theatre Day  Mr. Jan Willems and Ms Jackie Lubeck of TDP were honored by the General Union of the Palestinian Artists for their contribution in establishing and enriching the theatre movement in Palestine.

2015 – TDP 20 Years Working

TDP Wins Stars Foundation Impact Award – Press Release 

International Tour of “The Game” – 2008
In 2008, TDP tried the impossible: to get 7 actors out of out Gaza for a tour in the Netherlands and Belgium of the play “The Game.”  This is the story that some things really are impossible. Read.

Jan Willems of TDP wins the Anna Lindh Award “Women and Men Hand in Hand for Gender Equality” in 2007 – Read

Walking Boy in Gaza 2002
Created and performed in Hebron
Recreated and performed throughout Gaza. Read!