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Cultural event: Artistic stations 2 - Performing arts are a right and entitlement - Gaza


"Code 102" production

They are extraordinary mothers but it wasn't easy for them to be like this. Every moment in Gaza, unexpected thing happens. How to continue and find safety?

"Code 102" is TDP's original production directed by Wisam Al Dirawi.

"Storytellers like our Father" is the final project of TDP's trainee Hana' Ammar.

"We are the storytellers who came after our father. He spent his life telling stories of the heroes. Every day,  people came in and out. Today, he is the hero of our story. We have people coming in and out. We want them to know his story, the story of a story-teller who remembered everyone. This way he will live forever. "


"Storytellers like our Father" is the final project of TDP's trainee Hana' Ammar. Mabrouk Hana'.

"On the Sidewalk" production

Accident at home… how many are there? What are we going to do to keep ourselves and our friends and our families safe?


“On the Sidewalk” is dedicated to the memory of Ahmed Abu Hajjaj. Rest in Peace.


Preparations for the 10th drama & animation festival

Sep 2016 - Project Evaluation Services: request for applications

TDP is seeking a high motivated individual(s) to provide project evaluation services.

For the full project evaluation services description, please see that attached document.



Aug & Sep 2016 - TDP's 10th Annual Drama & Animation Festival

Fifteen of TDP's teams are working in the Middle Region of Gaza Strip preparing for the annual festival that will take place in the end of September. Good luck for all.

1 Aug 2016 - 1st street theatre performance - opening of the play "In the Rectangle of Doubt"

Aug 2016 - Opening of "In the Rectangle of Doubt"

As the new school year approaches, Theatre Day Productions (TDP) is getting ready with a whole exciting range of activities for the community of Gaza. 
Starting August 1st, our newest play "In the Rectangle of Doubt" will be shown in site-specific places. The first performance will take place in the UM Al Nasser Bedouin Village, our partners in the making of the play. Let's get together in the village! 
A press conference will be held prior to the opening at 5:10 P.M. and anopen discussion follows. 
We are hoping to see old friends and new faces! 
And more to come from TDP so keep following us.


Ten Ways to Know Us

The children of Gaza are acting, singing, and playing with undeniable lust for life. They play old men, crying babies, pestering boys, conducting maestros, and women in trees and bird-cages. They ask 1000 questions, catch the most beautiful sounds of Gaza with a sound-machine, and talk to their own mirror images as if they were alive.
The project "Ten Ways to Know Us" is on schedule and the title is given full credit. We are getting to know Gaza in many different ways. And the kids and directors of TDP in Gaza are getting a chance to talk about what Gaza is.
The Gaza directors have been busy reflecting on their scripts. They have gotten advice, feedback, praise. They have fantasized about ideas for stage and costume design. They shook up and adapted their scripts. They worked intensively with their Dutch visiting coaches in Gaza: Carly Everaert, Caspar Nieuwenhuis and Liesbeth Coltof. We think they are speaking Arabic by now. We thank them and their coaches in Holland : Josee Hussaarts, Anne Beth Schuurmans, Muriel Besemer, Jose Montaya, Matthijs Rumke, Casper Vandeputte, Monique Corvers, Rosa Fontein
And to Jan who always looks for the 11th way to know us. And to Jackie who invented all the themes of 10 ways to know us.
The 10 groups will soon be arriving at the theatre to begin the unprecedented series of openings of 10 new plays and "Ten Ways to Know Us."

Women from shelters sharing their stories with TDPers

TDP storytellers visited women living in the shelters near Beit Hanoun, Gaza, Bureij, Khan Yunis, & Rafah.  (Photos withheld for the dignity of the women.) The group of nine sat with women and listened. This new information from women struggling to live each day was gently added to our living production "The Sound of Ah". The women were then invited to the theatre to see the newest version of the play, to give their comments,  and to share in and take part in leading the forum that followed the performance.  

Drama Awareness Campaign

TDP’s drama awareness campaign for school teachers took place in West Khan Yunis, East Khan Yunis, and Rafah. The results were presented to all participating teachers and in the presence of Education Ministry. A debate followed which was both exciting and indicated understanding and openness to CHANGE. 

TDP Jericho Retreat

Finally Gaza TDP got all needed permits and arrived in the rain (before the snow) to Jerusalem. The 11-person team making up the senior staff of TDP greeted management coach Patrick Stahl and together we spent 4 days planning the future of the company. A real reunion for all, a lot of work, much to do, and much to come. 

January & February - Ten Ways to Know Us

"Ten Ways to Know Us" is a project of 10 plays dealing with the heart and soul of Gaza. The project is coproduction with 34 theatre and cultural houses in the Netherlands and is in solidarity with TDP and the children and young people in the Gaza Strip. One of the plays is a project within the PAN network and is now on tour. "And then the house grumbled..." takes place under and around an upside down market somewhere in Gaza. Four mothers and their daughters play out the circumstances of how they ended up under the pile. And as always in TDP, video-animation workshops, drama workshops, and training of teachers workshops are on-going. On tour is the play "Moving Deeply" (for boys schools) & "The Sound of Ah" for women and girls.



Theatre as Involvement – A Project between Dutch Theatres and TDP

TDP is beginning a project of making 10 plays with and for youth in Gaza schools. With support from the theatres in the Netherlands (to be named soon) who will “adopting our directors,” the project is called “Ten Ways to Know Us.” Each of the plays will be how TDP shares the unknown identity of Gaza with others. The project is first and foremost falling under the continued Relief Efforts that continue in Gaza where people are still not all in place and children and teachers have been moved around to accommodate for all that was lost this past summer. The year of 2015 will be a kind of “in the Aftermath.”

Drama and Animation Festival

Read more on TDP's annual Drama and Animation Festival.
We begin on Nov. 23 and for 5 days the shows will go on.


Theatre Day Productions in Gaza - We have made a plan. HELP US HELP

Job Vacancy

Click here for information and application

2013 becomes 2014

Don't forget to change the 3's to 4's. TDP hopes all goes well for all in the coming 365 days.




Theatre Day Productions is a non-profit company working in Gaza from 1995 in the field of drama and youth theatre. In the framework of restructuring the company, Ayyam Al Masrah is recruiting people to fill 11 positions.

Hello to All Applicants in Gaza

Please follow these instructions for applying to one of available positions:
- Send a current CV in English.
- Send a letter introducing yourself in English.
- Send a narrative letter of experience in Arabic.
- Include 3 references with current phone numbers and emails.
- In the subject line of your email to us, please state the position for which you are a applying.
- Do not supply any certificates at this time.

Send all material to

Good luck to all.

The positions available are:

1.    Executive Director
2.    Artistic Director
3.    Program Coordinator
4.    Deputy Artistic Director
5.    Officer of Monitoring and Evaluation
6.    Women Activities Leader
7.    Deputy Women Activities Leader
8.    Assistant Program Coordinator
9.    Production Leader
10.  Assistant  Production Leader
11.  Fundraiser


May June July

Summer Games and making and touring a 6-Pack of plays for kids and youth: The Room, The Brother, The Friend, The Tree, The School, The Shop

April Continues

PREPARATIONS BEGIN for the summer games with lots of people getting ready for rehearsals of the 6 plays that will be on tour for the Summer Weeks Program. And as always, our fun and funny animation workshops continue with kids making cartoons. The drama workshops are also in profess. And a new Kids 4 Kids play is just about getting ready to open called "Room 3."

April Starts

Last week we had 5 days with groups of women in our theatre listening to - and then telling - stories about their lives in this world. The project began with of TDP's 4 women trainees learning the best way to collect stories. They each taught 5 other women so we a group of 24 who then went out and spoke to other women around their neighborhoods and in their families. All interviewees were invited to the theatre these past days and it was quite the emotional, entertaining, relaxing, and fun activity for all these women: women who are responsible for all parts of daily life in Gaza, women who not only don't they get credit for the fact that they are the glue of Gaza but women who never asked, "How are you and what is your story?" It's a wonderful project and we will be sharing it with colleagues in Cairo and Jordan and hopefully with others. Regards to all. Be well. Be safe. Be creative.  


Busy March in TDP with new rounds of drama and video-animation workshops starting. We also training teachers this month bringing drama (and fun) into the classroom. A new play with kids for kids (Kids 4 Kids Program) will be opening soon and "The Cooks" can be seen every day in the theatre. It's a funny goofy play so come have a seat with us. Finally, the women have embarked on a story-telling project and - wow - lots of talking and sharing and let's see what becomes of all this. A play? A presentation?


We have a lot going on in February starting with rounds of workshops in drama and video animation for kids in school. "The Cooks" will also be shown to kids in school. And you big people, it's a fun play for all ages so come and visit us and take a load off. The big story-telling project is also beginning. Imagine. Lots of women telling stories. No gossip here. Stories about how our women and sisters and mothers and daughters get through a day in Gaza... how they juggle a hundred problems at the same time. Trainers are training and all are learning at Ayyam Al Masrah.


TDP 'breaks' the siege of Gaza by having a meeting of senior staff from Gaza and Jerusalem in Sharm El Sheikh. Very important and very nice! And now back to work and school after the school semester break with a new set of activities coming your way. See you all soon. Study hard and be creative.



War Over ?!

Everyone is back to work and Jan is back in Gaza. We are fine but fine has it's limitations. TDP has a communication system between Gaza and Jerusalem called Daily. They are written by Maryam and she makes the red the things that are different from previous days. Here are the two daily's for Nov 14 and Nov 25. They are quite something. Daily Nov 14 & 25, 2012

War in Gaza... Again

At 12:00 Wednesday, November 14 TDP opened it's new play The Cooks. Following a discussion with the audience, the first bombs fell and we had to empty out the theatre of the children, teachers, and TDP staff. A building full of people… all scared. Everyone made it home safely. This day. Life has stopped in Gaza… again. We wait for the bombing to stop… again. And we hope that the net will stay open so we can keep you informed. For information see our Facebook page and please post questions and comments.

November Arrives

The Drama Festival was GREAT with 17 drama scenes and cartoons made by 200 kids. Lots of parents had lots to say during the 2-day festival. Also many guests to Gaza came visiting. Rehearsals for "The Cooks" are still going on. The opening is scheduled for Nov 15. And the final play in the series of four called "A Human Writes" is being written now. Have a good month and write, visit, or ask.

It's October

And we are all getting ready for the Drama Festival. Part 1 is starting now with first presentations of scenes and cartoons. Then two weeks for perfecting. The festival days are October 22 and 23. Also, rehearsals of The Cooks are in progress. And lots is happening.

Hello in September

Have a Read. It's fun!

New Animation Films

Have a look…!

Back to School & Back to Work

Hello September and Schools and Kids. We are very busy preparing the Drama Festival in the Middle Region. Drama workshops and video-animation workshops will begin and the contest starts for the festival. Performances of "The Weavers" and "The Electricians" will begin mid-September. And rehearsals for a new play "The Cooks" have already started. A big new season coming.

Ramadan Kareem

The theatre in Gaza will be closed during the month of Ramadan. The office in Jerusalem of Theatre Days will be open. The doors of the theatre will open again on August 26 with a new year full of activities. We wish you all a blessed feast.


DRAMA, ANIMATION, PERFORMANCES TDP in July is full of activities. Three drama workshops and three animations workshops are happening at the same time with kids in Gaza, and in the north and middle regions. Performances of "The Electricians" continue. Performances of "The Weavers" continue. Come visit us in the theatre. Or make a plan to visit one of the workshops. And come see the performances. Have a laugh and a nice theatre day. Call first - 283–6766 See you.


If you see the word "Thanks" in black bold and the word "more" in red and if this appears as a news item: then finally something has worked and thanks for that!

Coming Very Soon

OPENINGS - "The Electricians" and "The Weavers" for the young and the young at heartt! At Theatre Day Productions in Gaza.

These Days in June

Drama workshops and animation workshops all around Gaza. Building, buying, shopping, making, and doing for the two plays.

Coming Soon

OPENINGS - 2 plays for kids from 10 to 110 will open in TDP's Gaza Theatre. "The Electricians" and "The Weavers" will be shown starting June 24. The two plays are in a series of 4 under the collective title "A Human Writes." The coming two plays that complete the series are "The Cooks" and "The Bankers."

January to April

Final Projects & 4 New Graduates Sharaf Al Aydi worked with 6 trainees to create the youth play "Baroud Pasha." Manal Barakat – TDP's FIRST woman director in Gaza – worked with 4 women to create "Amba" Randa Abu Maghasib worked with 8 girls and made a scene called "The Head of Jaber the Slave." Ismail Dahalan worked with 6 boys and created a scene called "Memories from Lines." "Baroud Pasha" and "Amba" are now on tour for Gaza kids.

April 1-7 

Jackie is speaking at the University of Northern Michigan in the USA. Invited by the head of the theatre department (after professors from the university visited Palestine and Israel) she is speaking about the work of TDP to both theatre students and educators. Jackie will also speak about the plays she has written and there will be two formal readings of two of her plays. Good stuff! .

February and March

Busy time in TDP in Gaza. We have 9 drama workshops in UNRWA schools in the south and middle area. And 7 drama workshops for teachers (TOT) in these same schools. Ali is making a play with kids for kids (K4K) that will open end of March. And 4 of our trainees are working on their Final Projects. Finally, 10 video-animation workshops result in cartoons made by kids for TV or computer. Lots of work, lots of fun.

Drama Drama Drama

The year started and continues with drama workshops and video animations workshops all around the Gaza Strip. Drama-teachers and trainees are running. It is also reporting time so lots of action on the keyboards of TDP. We have a brand  new member: Rama was born to Randa and Baha so Mabrouk to them and welcome Rama.



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