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Women's Story-Telling Workshop
Production of 6 Plays for Gaza in Summer
Participation in Summer Games of UNRWA (PDF Report & Evaluation)
4 Graduates
The Pocket Theatre
Networking with our partners and colleagues


The Pocket Theatre - a new organisation
Production of "The Cooks"
Production of "The Bankers"
TDP's Anual Drama Festival
Performances of our 4 plays
New Graduates (first two women)
Some More

Dice 2008 - 2010

DICE (Drama Improves Competencies in Eudcation) is a consortium of 12 countries (11 from Europe + Palestine) who came together throughout 2008-2010 to measure the impact of drama on education. With a sample of over 5,000 children, the  results of the measurement are ground-breaking... and quite staggering. The documents below contain both the consortium results and the Palestinian results and also the Education Resource describing the types of drama used.

Green Paper of the Consortium
Education Resource of the Consortium
Palestinian National Results - Arabic

Palestinian National Results - English

Impact Measurement 2006

In 4 schools, boys and girls, Theatre Day Productions proved that drama increases the self-efficacy of children.

Drama Measurement Report - Arabic
Drama Measurement Report - English

International Tour of The Game 2008

In 2008, TDP tried the impossible: to get 7 actors out of out Gaza for a tour in the Netherlands and Belgium of the play "The Game."  This is the story that some things really are impossible. Read!

Walking Boy in Gaza 2002

Created and performed in Hebron...
Recreated and performed throughout Gaza. Read!

Animation Films

Lamanjanayna (When we Became Crazy)
Sewing Machine
The Lemon Tree
The Hairdo 
The Girl Who Sells Tissues



Summer Games with UNRWA



Back to School 2015 



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